Montag, 1. Februar 2016

New years post

Belated happy new year everyone! End of December Lina and August finished their internship here in Hobart and got ready for their next stop: Sri Lanka.  It was great to have you here, we are looking forward to our next visit, especially those fishing trips together ;-)
Meanwhile, we had a nice and relaxed New Years Eve at Carlton with some friends and since the 6th January Frank found his way to Hobart after having travelled around Asia.

Fishing trip
Jan 'fighting' with a fish
Not a bad size
11 fish later :-)
New Years Surf
 Wabbly blown out waves, no sunshine, but we dipped into the water anyway, just because, hehe.

 Apricots harvesting at Queen St

Cooks Beach

 Our friend the little tired Wallaby and on the right the tired Frank in front of beautiful Cooks Beach

 Jan getting dinner ready

 Squid. Already dead, but still changing colours.

 Filleting assistance :-)

 Not a bad dining spot, hey.

Sleepy time :-)

Jan and Frank gone sailing with Jan's PhD-supervisor Craig
 Back to Hobart taking a scenic flight.

 Sandy Bay from a different perspective :-)

Pilot and Co-Pilot :-)

'Brezel bakery' - preparing for a daytrip to Eaglehawk Neck

Eaglehawk Neck
No, that's not a Great White and no, we didn't catch it. We watched a game fishing boat pulling this Mako Shark into their boat.

Sonntag, 3. Januar 2016

Last couple of weeks of 2015

Happy new year!! We had a great finish to 2015 with lots of adventures and fun. Here a few impressions of the past weeks.

Fish, fish and fish :-)

A weekend away at Meadow Bank
 Lovely 30 degrees!
Boat is ready for another waterski.
 Not a bad place at all for doing the dishes :-)

 A snake having a sneaky swim to cool down.

 Nap time :-)

Christmas on Bruny Island
 4kg of Spätzle are in preparation for Christmas. Thanks August :-)

 Bruny Island - The Neck

 Waiting for the next fishing tour.

 Yum, delicious Cray.

 Crayfish and Spätzle - 'Culture-Clash'

 Merry Christmas!

 The annually Christmas surf!

Sydney to Hobart Yacht race
 Winner Yacht 'Comanche' from the US, arriving in Hobart accompanied by local sailing boats.

'Comanche' and 'Ragamuffin' (coming in second)